How To Celebrate Your Husband's Birthday At Home

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Well, well... it is that time of the year again. You are now a few weeks away from your husband's birthday. It is lockdown and you want to do something differently, you also want to do something creative and romantic! I initially wrote 20 ideas to celebrate your husband's birthday but I have recently added even more ideas and will keep adding more in the future. Let's make sure you find a suitable idea, even if you think he already has everything.

So, here is how to celebrate your husband's birthday at home:

It is a special day

From the start of the day, you want him to feel different and special, here are some ideas:

1- Help him with something practical that he is used to do when he wakes up. Does he feed the kids or iron his clothes (or does anything that you can help with?). Could be as simple as making him a nice breakfast.
2- Send him a letter! Yes, write a thoughtful card for him and post it in the mail or drop it in the mail box. Does not have to be complicated, just express your feelings and why you love him!

Extra tip: Leave him sticky notes. Carefully placing a few sticky notes in places you know he will be checking is a nice gesture, they like that!

3-Buy him a personalized gift. A mug, shirt,  or key ring with his name or a favourite picture? Could be a funny reference to a hobby or anything you know he likes. Check out Zazzle as they have a huge range of products suitable for everyone from tech geeks to music lovers and campers etc. They have really artistic designs and I have used them on multiple occasions. You can also personalize any gift by adding his name, message, a photo etc. I also previously got personalized gift cards from them.

4- Surprise him! Whether it is something he has been wanting or a gift he never knew existed! Note that some people don't like surprises that disturb their routine. Check if he already had something planned for the day beforehand, e.g. is he working or did he take the day off?
5- Ask his family and friends to record a short video of themselves saying happybirthday to him. Join the videos together in one video with any video editor and maybe add a video of yourself at the end!

6- You could arrange for close friends and family also to join you so you can celebrate his birthday on a group video call on Zoom. If he has family abroad, take the time difference into consideration and try to prepare this well in advance.

7- Cook or bake something for him. Look for an easy recipe for cookies online. My husband really loves my chocolate brownies so it was a nice birthday treat for him a few years ago.

8- Another idea is to get him many little gifts according to the day he was born. If he was born on the 10th of the month, you could get him 10 gifts with a meaningful message.

But wait, he is turning 30 ! Well, if you don't feel you can do that then you could go with the month, much easier!

9- Buy him a cool gadget like a selfie drone or a mini robot for example. If you are in the UK check Menkind, they have got some pretty cool stuff.

10-Best husband Ever T-shirt? Not a new one but usually funny!

Romantic birthday gift ideas
Teddy beard with a heart, romantic

11- Create something for him! Even if you are not good at DIY, you can find lots of sites and videos on how to create things. Again, it can be as simple as a homemade card for his birthday.

A cute idea is to knit a scarf or a hat for him. Youtube is full of tutorials that are really easy if you are into knitting.

12- Check his wish list if he has one

13- If you know he has a hobby you have probably noticed him talking about something he wanted. For example, if he is into photography, you can get him the new gear he always wanted. It does not have to be expensive though, instead you can get him a mug or a t-shirt related to his hobby.

14- Get him the new phone he always wanted!

15- Book lovers: buy him a book he has been waiting for or try a book gift card. And how about a Kindle? Check amazon's best sellers for this year.

16- Something for his car or bike. I don't want to stereotype but most men like to keep their cars looking sharp. It could be something as simple as a fragrance or a car vacuum cleaner.

17- Accessories: a watch, a wallet, shoes, phone accessories, or a new phone! One of my favorite are some new birthday cufflinks! It is a small item but a lot of men use it to really express themselves. It is an elegant gesture and will show him how much you care about the small details.

18- I have written a comprehensive list about the most useful gift for your husband's birthday or any other occasion.

Romantic celebration 2 couples earing 1 sweater

A birthday experience for him: 

[This is probably not going to be possible during lockdown; so, please check your local laws and restrictions]

This is one of the really nice and thoughtful things you can do to celebrate your husband's birthday in a different way. Give him a day to remember. As these are becoming more common, the prices are not that expensive if you have prepared, some of them are for a low as £50-£70 ($65-$90). So, the list continues:

19- Buy him a driving experience: who would not like to try driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini? You will both enjoy it.

20- A flying experience: it could be a free flying lesson, skydiving or a hot air balloon flight. You will never forget it.

21- A yacht sailing weekend for two. This is a special birthday from wife to husband and you are also indulging yourselves together.

22- Luxury (or affordable) afternoon tea for two (UK) or dinner with a scenic view like close to an attraction or in a high rise building overlooking the city.

For many many great experience ideas in the UK, you can check Virgin Experience Days.

23- What about a luxurious spa day for men or a massage?

24- Get people together and go paintballing. Many people like to spend their birthday with family or friends.

25- A zip line or Go Ape adventure, if that's his kind of fun.

Celebrate husband's birthday at home - final tips:

A lot of men are more than happy to spend the day relaxing and enjoying some peaceful time. You don't have to spend too much or go anywhere fancy, specially if you already did a lot of these things for several years. Maybe he is too busy working and being outside most days. It might be time for you and your husband to just be together at home.

Basically, pamper him, make him a card (or something), take him out for a meal or an experience and give him a gift.

I hope this given you some creative birthday ideas for your husband. Now it is your turn: tell us in the comments section below which ideas do you like,  if you have tried any of these gifts or if you have any other suggestions or indeed questions!

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  1. My husband loves chocolate brownies and Lemon cake. This will make him know I love him. We have been married 48 years this August. Hollywood, Florida, USA


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