When Can I Take A Newborn Out?

One of the first questions you wonder about as a new mom is when can you take a baby out? I'm writing this post to answer this question in detail and give you some important tips to make sure you are doing this safely.

So, how early can you take your newborn baby out for the first time?

Generally, as soon as they are born! Remember, mothers take their babies out of hospital if that is where they gave birth (yes, I am being obvious but it is a real worry, and many moms deliver at home). So even from day one, the advice the doctors gave us that it should be safe to take the newborn out. I have to say that I know that other people were told to wait a few weeks before doing that. No, there is no particular guidance around it but they were probably over cautious to protect the baby from any potential infections.

So, taking the baby out is good for both of you: you will enjoy the sun and fresh air. Also, being in a pushchair could help your baby fall asleep.

However, you need to do it safely. Here is how:

Preparing to take the newborn baby out

Going for a walk? Consider the following (not only for the first time but every time!):

  • Make sure their clothes match the weather. The general advice is that the baby should be wearing the same number of layers of clothes as you, plus one more, at least! The reason? Because they can lose temperature much faster than adults in cold weather and this can be harmful for their health.

  • The baby can manage well in normal situations, however, avoid large crowds or narrow spaces with lots of people. This is not a good environment for a newborn as it is easier to spread infections this way.

  • Avoid contact with anyone with an infectious illness. If someone is ill, they are not allowed to carry or kiss your newborn baby. Explain that to people if they don't already know this and make no exceptions. 

  • Plan your outing. Check if the commute is suitable and safe. If you are using public transport, check if you will be able to use your buggy in the station you will use if you are using the tube (underground/subway) or the train.

  • Don't forget the nappies, the cream, food or milk, etc. Think of what you might need.

Photo on newborn weting a hat on mom's shoulder
Photo by Echo Grid on Unsplash


 Taking the baby outside in cold/hot weather:

  • Again, the advice about the number of layers of clothes is much more important in winter.

  • Make sure you use a hat to cover their head. Don't forget socks as well.

  • When she is in the pushchair or buggy, use the cover that comes with it to protect her from the cold and rain. Try not to use blankets or covers.

  • A nice way to keep your newborn warm is to carry them in a baby carrier or sling. Your body temperature helps keep them warm.

  • If it is hot, avoid exposing your baby to direct sun light for long periods, specially between 11 am to 3 pm. Try to be in the shade and also use a hat with a brim. It is not generally recommended to use sunscreen in babies under 6 months.


Where do you go?

You should not feel pressured to go out right after birth. In order for this to be a nice experience, keep it a short trip near home. Taking your baby for a walk in the park or around the block is ideal. Make sure it is easy for you to go back in time if you need to.

Other places would be you local child center where they will might check your baby and have some activities like nursery rhymes or baby massages.

As you build your strength and your baby gets older, you could try a mother and baby exercise or yoga group, if you are into this!

Please let me know if this was helpful in the comments below. Share any tips or suggestions with other in the comments section below. Let us know about our experience and what you found helpful.

Thank you.


  1. Thank You for this post! When I gave birth with my first baby my family member tried to pressure me to go to a family event a day after! I couldn't believe it... Everyone has different perspectives about when to take the baby out, but what about how the mother is feeling? Everything should be considered.I am now expecting my second one and once again I am being pressured to an event that is a drive of 5 hours away 3 weeks after giving birth. I am sure me and my baby would be fine to go out, but the pressuring part is where it is all at.

  2. Hi there!
    Thank you for your comment. I totally agree. A five hour drive with a newborn seems too long to be honest. All the best with the second one :)


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