The Bright Emporium - Wandsworth: A Review

photo of diy art of a jellyfish by a toddler
Art by my daughter from one of the session.

I have been wanting to write a review about The Bright Emporium in Wandsworth (London, United Kingdom) for a while now. I don't think this place gets enough advertising and I only knew about it because we walked across them one day and thought it looked like a nice place.

It is an ideal environment for your toddler which includes story time and messy art work related to the story theme. I have taken my now 16 months toddler there many times and she really enjoys it every time.

Messy toddlers sessions

The session is 45 mins, it involves a messy activity like colouring, making characters related to the story. There are many resources provided water paint, crayons, pencil colours, paper plates, glue, glitters (which kids always love) and  different material scraps for adding that extra artistic touch to the art work. It is then followed by story time which is read by different staff in a very exciting and interactive way. At the end of the session you get to take the art work your little one has done to cherish and keep forever, lol!.

It is great to find an activity for the kids in the weekend where you can enjoy and spend some time with them especially if you are a working parent.  Each session is £5 and there is a loyalty card, make sure you ask for one! Once you attend a number of sessions you get a free one.

Do not forget it is a messy activity so for your toddler to enjoy their time without you worrying about the washing, consider dressing them in messy activity clothes. If you forget that do not worry, aprons are provided, however may not all be with sleeves.

Here are some of the pros and cons:


Photo of a DIY panda toddler art
More art by my daughter!
  • Messy fun that is not at your home!
  • Takes place on the weekend.
  • Great location in Battersea. They are easily accessible by transport plus parking available (limited).


  • Not free.
  • Limited buggy space.

Further Details are below:

Times: 9:15 to 10:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cost: £5 per session

Suitable for ages from 1 to 3 years (For older children, there are other sessions check them on their website.

More sessions/activities

The Bright Emporium also hosts different exciting events such as the Storytime Sunday. They get famous children authors and illustrators to read for the children and create art with them! The also do fun book launches. Other sessions include drawing workshops for kids, Build A Story and a drama based storytelling performance called Drama Extravaganza. I haven't been to these other sessions yet as they are meant for lder kids (3-6 years old).

Their address: 103-105 St John's Hill London, SW11 1SY

Parking: Parking is available on the roads around it. For further information check on this link. The area has great transport links and there is a bus stop next to it where a few buses stop (37,39,87,156, and 337) or you can also walk from Clapham Junction station for 10 minutes.

Overall, The Bright Emporium is a lovely space for creativity and fun at the heart of Battersea. They offer a warm and friendly environment for you and your little one on weekends. Children get to express themselves, enjoy and make a mess!

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