Useful Gifts For Your Husband

A lot of women find it difficult to think of a unique gift for their other half. The best gifts are practical ones he can frequently or daily use. For married couples, things that have meaning can be a bit different, and might struggle to think of "romantic" one. Do you know what is really romantic? A useful gift for your husband that reminds him of you every time he uses it.

In this post we will look at some of the best ideas that I've come across. You will find a variety of gifts depending on your husband's hobbies and his personality.

Tile Mate: Phone Finder, Wallet Finder, Everything Finder!

(Check price on amazon)

This little gadget is an absolute life-saver. It can track your wallet, phone, keyring, or laptop. You can stick it to anything, like your bike for. It is connected to your phone and whenever you lose a personal item, use your phone to locate it if it is within 100-150 feet, or you can use the tile to make a loud beep sound so you can hear it and find the missing item.  If what you lost is further than 100ft, then you could get notification if anyone else using a Tile device comes near it. I really like the idea of its size (as thick as 2 credit cards) so it can easily fit in  wallet or a bag, or to the back of a laptop.

My husband wanted to get this as soon as he heard about it so I didn't have the chance to get it as a birthday gift! Particularly helpful if your husband tends to forget where he left stuff.


A Wood Organizer For All Of His Stuff 

(Check price on amazon)
This one is really simple but a very useful gift for your husband or boyfriend. If your husband spends time every morning looking for his things, then this will definitely help him. Men like to have a "base", usually a desk or a table, but for things like his wallet, watch, and phone, they need to put them all in one place in a near way so they can take them in the morning.

An Electric Drill/Driver from Bosch

Considered a must-have by many DIY enthusiasts but also a lot of men even those not interested in DIY. Useful for doing occasional things around the house, a 2 in 1 driller and screw driver, saving him a lot of time and effort. New bed or wardrobe needs fitting? No need to waste time driving screws. It is also cordless with good battery life so ideal for tricky situations. I don't really know how it compares to other one in the market but when I used it before I found it lighter than I thought. You can check it on amazon and compare it yourself. They have some nice offers on DIY tools.

A Travel Backpack

This bag is one of the best I found. It fits a regular sized laptop and has other cool features like a usb charger and enough space for his travel essentials. If he travels a lot or needs to carry a laptop/tablet or tools/devices then he will definitely be using this one. Please note if he has a laptop with a very large screen it would not fit. This bag can fit a 15.7 inch laptop.

A Coffee Maker For The Coffee Enthusiast

OK, for some, this will be a big deal. If he does not like coffee you can just skip this one. Getting the high street coffee at home, for someone who loves coffee is both useful and romantic. He would be using it, bragging about it in front of guests and will give it a special place in the kitchen. Try no to get jealous of the coffee machine (lol).

The coffee makers come in hundreds of shapes and types. I find this Nespresso Mini Original a great gift that is easy to use and won't break the bank.

Buy Him A Kindle

(Check price on amazon)

A Kindle is a tablet-like electronic reading device from Amazon that is built using special technology called e-ink to make reading from the screen more comfortable, without all the problems of electronic screens. The good think is whether your partner/man is already an avid reader or you want to help introduce him to reading, having the Kindle is a great way to motivate him and make reading much easier. It is also cool and modern, but without all the distractions and bells and whistles of a tablet or phone.

There also daily offers from amazon and a huge amount of free content.

All In One Electric Hair/Beard/Body Trimmer

Talk about useful! If your husband is looking to upgrade his trimmer or does not have one, have a look at this all in one trimmer.  The battery is actually decent and the price is not bad at all. The battery point is really important, my husband has tried a few different shavers and battery seems to be his a main selling point.

A Multifunctional Phone Holder

This is one of the more unusual gits. We don't have the same type but a similar holder. This clever phone holder is flexible and strong, taking different shapes so you can adjust it to the situation. You can was it as a stand, in our car or bike or even but making it act like a stand so you can see your phone while working, without having to hold it. And it is already cheap on Amazon.

A Grooming Pack For Travelers

This little bag of wonders have a lot of grooming essentials: a deodorant, facial cleanser, and a conditioning shaving. Good to show you actually care :)

OK now over to you, do you have any nice suggestions for useful gifts? please share with us in the comments section.

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