Ramadan 30 Day Kids Activities And Crafts


Ramadan is in less than a month! Ramadan Mubarak everyone :) Whatever age your children are, it is important for them to feel that Ramadan is an important and enjoyable time of the year for us as Muslims and in this post I will give you 30 day activities and crafts for Ramadan. I have used all of the ideas in this post and found them helpful at different age stages with my daughter. This post is mainly for children between 2 years to 5 years old (toddlers). And yes, you can still do exciting Ramadan activities for kids without using a printer!

Preparation: Build Up Their Excitement


Start by teaching them about Ramadan by telling them about it, talking to your family about Ramadan in front of them, reding a book about it, etc. Even if they already know about the holy month, you can still remember  together and add new information appropriate for their age. For 2-3 years old, it would be enough to explain it is an important lovely time for family to do things together, there will be some changes like sleeping early for them, more Quran and more prayer.

One book I found really helpful is this Ramadan activitiy book from learning roots. My daughter is still using it 2 years later and we are still discovering new stuff that she wasn't able to understand when she was younger. It is not a story but rather full of activities, some simple such as colouring, some more advanced like additiona and subtraction. (this is not a promotion, I am not affiliated with the company and I don't get any money if you buy this book).

Ramadan 30 Day Activitites / Good Deeds

There are lots of Ramadan calendars for kids that you can buy online such as this one. I actually wanted to make my own as I wanted to come up with suitable good deeds for my daughter. If you want to do the same, it is just some simple DIY. All you need is a piece of card board, try to use some nice floral adhesive wrapping paper.

Next, you can either create 30 small paper envelopes or find a way to create pockets. Stick the envelopes on the cardboard with bluetac. Then print a picture for each of the good deeds (I printed 15 little pictures that I downloaded online) and then cut each picture as a small square and place in each envelope. If you want you can draw some or all instead of printing in case you want to be artistic or don't have access to a printer. Each day you agree to open one of the envelopes. Of course, the first day she opened 10 of them but we managed to agree to put them back. Here is the list of Ramadan good deeds I used for my 3 year old.

  1. Make Ramadan lantern/drummer doll for grandparents
  2. Read Quran
  3. Help mommy tidy up
  4. Help dad clean
  5. Help mom/dad cook
  6. Help make the table
  7. Learn about Ramadan
  8. Memorise Surat Al Ikhlas
  9. Give money to charity
  10. Choose a toy to donate
  11. Pray with mom or dad
  12. Learn to Say Subhan Allah (go to the park and say it when you see nature/animals)
  13. Call family 
  14. Smile - it is sadaqah!
  15. Make duaa
  16. Thank parents
  17. Go to the mosque
  18. Water some plants
  19. Feed animals/birds - another trip to the park!
  20. Learn a new dhikr or duaa
  21. Pick up after yourself
  22. Hug your parents
  23. Draw a cresent
  24. Learn to say Jazaka Allahu khairan
  25. Offer to help a friend or neighbour
  26. Give mom and dad some quiet time
  27. Learn a sunnah
  28. Learn about Laylatul Qadr (reading a book about Ramadan)
  29. Make an Eid Mubarak card for someone
  30. Help put up decorations for Eid


The back of the cardboard I used

Example of the images I printed and wrote each good deed above them. I used a table in words to arrange then printed and cut them.

Everyday, we stuck the good deed in place of the envelope

Ramadan Crafts for Kids - More Ideas

Here is another Idea that we tried. Again, you can use your own skills or use a printer like I did. I found a printable one in Arabic, you can find plenty of them online like this one in English for example. I then printed, cut and laminated them to avoid them getting damaged. I used a holepunch and a string to join them together but you can also use some mini pegs to do the same.
For the moon crescent and stars, I followed a Youtube clip (that's also a nice introduction to origami!).

our Ramadan decoration
Here is another Idea that I also found helpful. We created a cardboard shaped like a mosque. And then we started sticking things we are learning at the moment. These would be things we are continuing to learn about like the five pillars of Islam. The heart has the names of Surahs of Juz Amma (the 30th Juza of the Quran), and we colour or put a sticker on each Surah that we try to memorise.

Here is another idea that you can also use as an educational tool, stick things you learn about on another cardboard or things you do every day.

 Now, let's hear from you guys! What activities do your children like in Ramadan? Which crafts do they find more engaging or interesting? Share your experience with us.

Thank you and Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links (from Etsy) which means I get a small commission if you purchase via these links without any additional cost to you (no change in price).

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